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Who We Are?

FanSafe was founded in early 2021. Our services are initially offered in the D-A-CH area. In the last few years, negative news of the ticket black market trading has increased drastically! Many customers are ripped off and usually have absolutely no chance of getting their money back. Therefore, we think fans, artists and organizers have to be protected alike. Our web application makes it possible to significantly curb the black market ticket trading. In addition, with our ticket shop system we offer sports clubs and other organizers the opportunity to sell tickets online and keep compliance with the COVID-19 measures.


What we do?
Our FanSafe PaaS applications for fans and organizers enables 100% secure ticket personalization for concerts, shows and sports events. An essential part of our service is the security concept for access control and visitor tracking in accordance with the COVID-19 regulations. In order to enable the COVID-19 regulations also for smaller events that are not necessarily affected by black market trading, FanSafe offers a ticket shop system that meets exactly these requirements.


What are our goals?

Most importantly, our main goal is to curb the ticket black market and increase security standards at the venues. As a result, the the purchasing power of visitors is strengthened and at the same time organizers and artists benefit from this. Another main task of FanSafe is to support organizers and sport clubs in complying with the COVID-19 event regulations in order to enable events again soon.

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Services & Process


FanSafe offers a standardized service for personalizing digital event tickets. After the purchase, the tickets are forwarded to the FanSafe cloud. There the tickets are personalized for each visitor.


FanSafe offers all necessary tools to enable organizers to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines. We hope that we get through this difficult times together and that the events can take place again soon.


More than ever, security is one of the most important aspects of organizing events. Above all, the new COVID-19 regulations don't make that easier. Our solution improves security standards in compliance with all Corona regulations. Long queues and unacceptable waiting times at the entrance belongs to the past.

Secure & Fast ID CHECK

Our system uses a simple, fast, and most importantly, highly secure process to verify the user ID. The KYC process is key for an effective ticket personalization and high security standards at every venue.

Family Accounts

FanSafe offers the possibility to link user accounts to a main account. This is perfect for families with children under 16 or for older, not technically savvy people. The main account holder can then manage tickets for all linked accounts.

Standardized Interface

Users buy their tickets in an online ticketshop or at the FanSafe marketplace. FanSafe offers a standardized interface, an One-4-All solution to transfer digital tickets to the FanSafe cloud - the safest place for event tickets.


Sold out events always lead to immeasurably overpriced ticket prices. The Fansafe Ticket Marketplace protects users from buying overpriced tickets. Tickets can be offered for sale at the original price or below, without commission fee. The buyer is only charged a small fee for the re-personalization.


The FanSafe ticket shop solution is perfect for sports clubs and other event organizers who do not have their own online ticket sales. We create and manage your individually customized ticket shop. With our check-in app, you and your visitors benefit from a fast and smooth check-in.

Contactless payment

With contactless payment you avoid long lines at the ticket counter. With QR codes at the venue, your visitors can buy their tickets online right up to the last second before the event. In times of COVID-19 more important than ever.

Managed Services

We provide our software as a P-a-a-S (Platform as a Service) solution. In other words, you don't need to worry about any server updates, software installations or fixing any security leaks! We take care of everything.

Fast & Stable Servers

Don't worry about server stability and hardware maintenance. All our services run on powerful, scalable servers from top providers.

GDPR Compliant

All our services are coordinated with the data protection guidelines and thus GDPR-compliant. We always strive to protect customer data as well as possible.


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Frequently asked questions


For Fans

The registration with FanSafe is 100% free and will always be! There is no monthly plans or any commitments for users! The only paid feature is the re-personalization of tickets. This is charged with a small fee per ticket.

For the registration it is not required to perform an ID verification. Once you personalize your first ticket, an ID Check is required. This is an one-time action only. All tickets bought in the future are automatically personalized. 

Your photo ID will only be used temporarily to verify you. No ID Document will be stored in FanSafe database.

Basically you purchase your ticket at any co-operating online ticket store. If tickets for the event you attend are personalized, the personalization is performed via FanSafe.

During the ticket purchase at any ticket shop you are asked to provide the names of all attendees. Every ticket gets pre-personalized with the attendee name. In FanSafe each ticket gets the email of every attendee account and is assigned accordingly.

No! That's only the case for traditional personalization. This is not an issue for FanSafe. Each attendee is completely independent from the ticket buyer and do not need to take any action.

Yes, definitely! Tickets can be sold via the FanSafe Marketplace.

If you resell your tickets on the FanSafe marketplace you'll need to provide your bank account data (IBAN).
After another user purchased the ticket, the money is immediately visible in the FanSafe account balance. Within a couple of days the money is automatically transferred to your bank account! You don't need to take any action.

No! You just need your ticket with you! So, you don't have to worry about losing your document at the event.

YES, of course! All tutorial videos are available on our
Youtube Channel

For Organizers

No! You can sell your tickets via your own ticket online shop, as before. In case you do not have an online ticket shop, FanSafe also can provide a ticket shop with your personal sub-domain.

The FanSafe user application is our platform in which the tickets are personalized, independent of the ticket shop. The FanSafe ticket shop is an additional feature for organizers who do not have their own ticket shop.

FanSafe offers a Pay-per-use model, so we not charge any fixed monthly or yearly fees. The contractual conditions are designed individually for each organizer. For more information please contact us at office@fansafe.at

No! Organizers do not need to perform an ID verification.

There are plenty!
Just to name some of them

  • Real personalization vs Pseudo personalization
  • No fake tickets
  • No fake personalizations
  • Exclusion of the ticket black market
  • No long waiting times due to ID check at the entrance
  • Highly secure & faster check-in
  • No Ticket loss
  • Digital management of all tickets in one place
  • No expensive and time-consuming on-site re-personalization
  • COVID-19 regulation compliant

Do we have your interest? Please contact us at office@fansafe.at

Tickets personalized via FanSafe can be checked-in with the FanSafe Check-In App only. This app is totally free for all our partners. The app requires an Android device with a display, which means it basically can be used with any Android Smartphone. Nevertheless, we recommend to use Android Handheld Scanners with a display. If you need more info about scanners, please contact us.

Easy peasy! Every Staff member gets an account and besides that it just requires to enter the eventID for the according event. But don't  bother, FanSafe provides detailed onboarding introductions and documentations.   


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