Managed Ticketshop

You don't have to worry about anything, we fully manage your shop. From event setup with individual design, creation of ticket categories to individual seating plans.

Individual Design

We provide the platform and setup your Ticketshop with your individual design. You have the opportunity to connect the shop to you to your existing website.

Create Seating CHarts

Design stunning seating charts with standing areas, seating areas or tables. Your visitors pick their seats and they benefit from real-time reservations.

Unlimited Events

Fansafe always offers you unlimited event creation. Set event name, location, start date and you're ready to go.

Unlimited Ticket Types

Create unlimited ticket types for multiple events. Assign ticket types to certain seating charts, set quantity limits, set check-in limits, etc.

Customize Ticket Layouts

With customized ticket layouts we can provide individual designs for your events. Even put your sponsors on the tickets

Sell Tickets and Merchandise

Sell Tickets or any kind of merchandise articles as Trikots, T-Shirts, Caps, Fan scarves, etc. It will boost your earnings for every event.

Manage Attendee Lists

FanSafe Ticketshop comes with COVID -19 compliant attendee lists. If necessary, download and provide it to the health departments.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Contactless payment in times of COVID-19! You choose from multiple payment gateways as Credit Card, PayPal, Sofort and many more!

Check-in Scanning App

We provide a free iOS and Android Check-in Scanning App. Decrease the time of the check-in and make the doors of your event less crowded.

Integrated Fanshop

A fully integrated fan shop is automatically included in every ticket shop. You sell your merchandise and increase your income without lifting a finger. Without any risk.

Individual Fair Billing

FanSafe never holds back money. Receive your payments directly from your customers and benefit from individual, subsequent invoicing.

Managed Services

No worries about software or hard maintenance! We provide the platform and take care of it all!

Customized Packages

Our individual package selection allows you to configure everything to your needs.

GDPR Compliant

All our servers are located in the EU and our provided services are fully GDPR compliant!

How it works

Get Started with your own Ticketshop

We setup your Ticketshop

As a first step we will setup your personal Ticketshop, configure everything according your individual requirements and create the scanning app access for you. After that we are ready to launch your first event.

Create & Publish Events

We already pre-configure the most important things for you in the initial setup. After that you provide all event data and we are ready setup and publish your first event. That’s it. You can star selling your tickets online.

Sell Tickets online

Let your visitors know that your are selling your tickets online now! This digitalization will boost your earnings and takes your web appearance to another level. Follow your sales in the Admin Panel and check the lists of registered users.

Check-In fans secure & fast

You can look forward to the event day and be relaxed. You don’t have to worry about long waiting times and overcrowded entrance doors. With our iOS and Android scanning apps you can check-in attendees fast, easy and even offline. It’s also possible to use 2D Scanners connected to your check-in web application.

Want to see how it works?



Pay per use
Self Managed Ticketshop
Price on demand
  • Self-managed
  • Individual Shop Design
  • Integrated Fanshop
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Ticket Types & Designs
  • Unlimited Seating Charts
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Unlimited Reservation calendars
  • COVID-19 Attendee Lists
  • iOS/Android Scanning App
  • Email Support
  • much more


Pay per use
Individually Managed Ticketshop
Price on demand
  • Individually managed
  • Features of Basic Package
  • Integrated Fanshop
  • 10 Event Package included
  • 1 Seating Plan included
  • 3 Ticket Types included
  • 1 Ticket Design included
  • Package customization
  • iOS/Android Scanning App
  • Email Support
  • much more
best offer


Pay per use
Fully Managed Ticketshop
Price on demand
  • Fully managed
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Ticket Types
  • Unlimited Ticket Designs
  • Unlimited Seating Plans
  • Integrated Fanshop
  • 1 Advanced Seating Plan
  • Unlimited Reservation calendars
  • iOS/Android Scanning App
  • Email Support
  • much more
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